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Will Stanton

Place of Origin:Buckinghamshire, England
Appears in The Dark is Rising, Greenwitch, The Grey King, Silver on the Tree

Will Stanton's 11th birthday, he discovers he is the last of the Old Ones, beings with ancient knowledge of the power of the Light, and must collect and join Six Signs to wage a battle against the Dark. He is aided in his quest byMerriman Lyon, the first of the Old Ones, and races to retrieve the signs before the forces of the Dark, led by the mysterious Black Rider. Dogging his footsteps is the sinister yet somehow sympathetic Walker, whose role in the struggle (along with Will's family) reveals the cruel consequences of loved ones caught in the middle of a timeless war. When the Dark starts to rise, Will with the help of Merriman Lyon and Herne the Hunter, stall the Dark in their effort and wait until the second and final rising.ul addition to Merriman's growing band of young friends and fellow patriots of the Light'

All that we know of his appearance is that he has a round face, blue-grey eyes and a mop of straight, mouse-brown hair. Will also has a the Sign of the Light branded on the inside of his arm. He got it in the 2nd book when he tripped and the red hot candle holder fell on his arm.

Will is a member of the Stanton family.

In the film adaptation of The Dark is Rising, Will is portrayed by actor Alexander Ludwig.

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